Kawaguchi Dam Natural Energy Museum(Kawaguchi Ene-Myu)

Must See!

Explore the exhibition of futuristic objects like digital art, robots and more!
CLARITY FUEL CELL / Exhibition location:Outdoor exhibition

There is a regular exhibit at the entrance. Please contact a member of the staff for permission to have a look inside the vehicle or at the engine on display. We will announce the exhibition date separately.

Miniature Hydroelectric Digital Display / Exhibition location:Outdoor exhibition


There is a miniature hydroelectric facility on the way to the museum from the the parking lot. You can watch water flowing through the turbine. The amount of electricity generated by the facility is shown on the digital display board.

Water Turbine Runner / Exhibition location:Outdoor exhibition

waterwheel_runnerOn display are two full-sized turbine runners used for the water power generation at dams. You can touch and imagine how powerful the water flow is.

Solar Power Digital Display Board / Exhibition location:Outdoor exhibition

guidePaneruPVLocated across the road from the museum is a rooftop solar panel on the repair facility. Depending on weather conditions, you can check how much electricity is being generated.

Miniature Windmill Electric System / Exhibition location:Outdoor exhibition

small_wind_power_generationIn front of the museum is a savonius wind turbine and a propeller windmill. Both are hybrids with solar panels and revolve smoothly.

Hand-Powered Information Board / Exhibition location:Outdoor exhibition

guidePaneru_damTurn the hand generator crank to hear the audio guidance of the museum and Kawaguchi Dam.

Indigo-dyed Cedar / Exhibition location:Outdoor exhibition

siboriAttached to the outside wall of the museum are two large boards of Japanese cedar dyed Japan Blue with Awa Indigo. The traditional wood shaving technique called “naguri” created the wavy surface producing subtle shading. The color shade will change with changing reflections of light.