Kawaguchi dam Natural energy Museum

Must See!

Touch and study the exhibition of futuristic objects like digital arts, robots and more!
Communication Robot / Exhibition location:Environment study room

sotaYou can enjoy conversation with two communication robot, Ene-sota and Mu-sota. Try to ask whatever in your mind about the natural energy and the sightseeing information of Naka town. You might be able to watch them dancing Awa Odori.

4K display / Exhibition location:Environment study room

4k65You can watch an introduction video of Kawaguchi dam and its hydroelectric plant as well as a beautiful 4K movie of the Naka river and the surrounding forests shot from a drone in cooperation with Naka town. Enjoy an overwhelming visual experience with the latest technology.

Hydrogen Car / Exhibition location:Environment study room

hydrogen_carLet’s play with miniature hydrogen cars. The miniature cars with fuel cell drive on hydrogen split from water through electrolysis at hydrogen filling stations.

Hydrogen Production Experimental Device / Exhibition location:Environment study room

hydrogenSplit from water and turning back into water, hydrogen is an ultimate clean energy.
There is a hydrogen station at Tokushima prefectural office and there are some hydrogen cars driving around in Tokushima.
Hydrogen production experimental device shows how the solar energy produces hydrogen right in front of you.

Experimental Tools (water, wind and solar energy) / Exhibition location:Environment study room

power_generationYou can use different experimental tools to learn how each natural energy system works. For example, fan the mill to get the music to play.
The museum staff will explain how to use the tools. Please feel free to ask about the tool before you use them.

Panel Exhibition / Exhibition location:Environment study room

guidepaneru Panel exhibition explains the mechanism of water, wind and solar energy generation systems. Check them out if you like to learn more about power generation.

Work sheets / Exhibition location:Environment study room

workseetWe have work sheets for elementary school students, which follow the government course guidelines. There are two types of work sheets, one for the younger class students and the other for the older class students.