Kawaguchi Dam Natural Energy Museum(Kawaguchi Ene-Myu)

On-site Lessons

A museum staff member will provide in-school science classes for elementary or junior high schools located within Tokushima Prefecture.

On-site Lessons

A museum staff visits everywhere in Tokushima Prefecture to hold in-school science classes at schools,
children’s centers, kid’ clubs and so on. You do not need to pay any cost for classes.
We can arrange a schedule and contents according to participant’s age group and time. Please contact us for further details.

Sample Menus

Balloon show Water color change experiment Try an aircanon
◆Balloon show (for all grades)
Our exciting science show is a participatory show using balloons. We show that a balloon does not be popped even if it is stabbed with a skewer, and approached fire, but is popped using limonene contained in citrus fruits by the time difference.
◆Water color change experiment (for all grades)
We will show some experiment such as water color is changed by shaking and changed depend on how water is mixed.
◆Aerodynamics (Elementary 3rd and 4th grade)
・Crush cans using air pressure
・Fly a drone
・Try an aerogun
・Use plastic bottle rockets, etc.
◆Giant Bubbles (Pre-school and above)
Learn how to make bubble solution and giant bubbles.

How to Apply

1Reservations should be made at least 1 month in advance by phone.
Please have the following information ready
Date and time, school name and address, person in charge, telephone number, school grade, number of participants, and lesson choice.
2After confirming the details, please fill out and mail/fax the form at the bottom of the page.
Contact information



Kawaguchi dam Natural energy Museum
〒771-5408 Iyadani 72-1, Yoshino, Naka-cho, Naka-gun, Tokushima

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