Kawaguchi Dam Natural Energy Museum(Kawaguchi Ene-Myu)

Must See!

Explore the exhibition of futuristic objects like digital art, robots and more!
Communication Robot / Exhibition location:Environment study room

sotaEnjoy conversations with our communication robot, Ene-sota or Myu-sota. Try asking them about  natural energy and sightseeing in Naka town.

Virtual Reality Site seeing / Exhibition location:

Let’s see impressive images of Kawaguchi Dam and the inside of the power plant, which cannot be seen in ordinary tours.

4K display / Exhibition location:Environment study room

4k65You can watch an introduction video of Kawaguchi Dam and its hydroelectric power plant as well as a beautiful 4K movie of the Naka River and surrounding forests shot from a drone in cooperation with Naka Town. Enjoy an overwhelming visual experience with the latest technology.

Hydrogen Car / Exhibition location:Environment study room

hydrogen_carWatchi the miniature hydrogen car. The car is powered by fuel cell drives using hydrogen split from water through electrolysis at hydrogen filling station.

Hydrogen Production Experimental Device / Exhibition location:Environment study room

hydrogenSplit from water and turning back into water (by recombining with oxygen), hydrogen is an ultimate form of clean energy.
There is a hydrogen station at the Tokushima Prefectural Office, as well as some hydrogen cars being driven around in Tokushima.
The hydrogen production experimental device shows how solar energy produces hydrogen right before your eyes.

Experimental Tools (water, wind and solar energy) / Exhibition location:Environment study room

power_generationYou can use different experimental tools to learn how each natural energy system works. For example, create wind energy by fanning the wind mill to get the music to play.
The museum staff can provide explanations about the tools and how to use them, so please feel free to ask.

Other Power Generators / Exhibition location:

There are various experimental devices, such as a hand generator and a large solar panel, also bicycle pedals and a power generation floor which can generates electricity by our motion.

Panel Exhibition / Exhibition location:Environment study room

guidepaneruThe panel exhibition explains the mechanisms of water, wind and solar energy generation systems. Check them out if you would like to learn more about power generation.

Work sheets / Exhibition location:Environment study room

workseetWe have worksheets for elementary school students, which follow the government course guidelines. There are two types of work sheets: one for lower grade students and one for older grade students.

Handicraft workshops / Exhibition location:Environment study room

Available on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and school vacations.
These workshops are centered on including the participation of small children. Please check the schedule at the online event page.
*Costs vary per workshop according to the materials necessary.

Sketch Smart Town / Exhibition location:Visual exhibition room

お絵かきスマートタウンA wall in the visual exhibition room is a display of a future smart town made up of pictures drawn by visitors.
You can have your own drawings digitized and pop up on the wall, adding to the creation of a huge town right in front of you.
There are various kinds of natural energy facilities installed in this smart town, such as hydroelectric, solar, wind and biomass energy plants. Each facility can be seen generating electricity to light up the highway across the town.
You can even change the weather of the town by touching the wall. 
If you touch the frogs dancing Awa Odori…
In addition, the drawings that have been drawn are printed as developments, making it possible to create only one “paper craft” in the world.

Digital Signage / Exhibition location:Entrance & lobby exhibition

You can watch a movie tour of the inside of Kawaguchi dam. We have a rotational exhibit of seasonal photos of Kawaguchi Dam and its construction.

Indigo Dyed Cedar Light Box / Exhibition location:Entrance & lobby exhibition

aizome_lightboxThe corridor from the entrance to the environment study room is lined with light boxes made of indigo-dyed cedar board. Enjoy the special display of Tokushima’s famous indigo.

MIRAI FUEL CELL / Exhibition location:Outdoor exhibition

There is a irregular exhibit at the entrance. Please contact a member of the staff for permission to have a look inside the vehicle or at the engine on display. We will announce the exhibition date separately.

Miniature Hydroelectric Digital Display / Exhibition location:Outdoor exhibition


There is a miniature hydroelectric facility on the way to the museum from the the parking lot. You can watch water flowing through the turbine. The amount of electricity generated by the facility is shown on the digital display board.

Water Turbine Runner / Exhibition location:Outdoor exhibition

waterwheel_runnerOn display are two full-sized turbine runners used for the water power generation at dams. You can touch and imagine how powerful the water flow is.

Kawaguchi Power Plant: Kaplan turbine runner
      Weight: 6t / unit
      Amount of water used: up to 70㎥ / s

Hinotani Power Plant: Francis turbine runner
       Weight: 4.4t / unit
       Amount of water used: up to 60㎥ / s

Solar Power Digital Display Board / Exhibition location:Outdoor exhibition

guidePaneruPVLocated across the road from the museum is a rooftop solar panel on the repair facility. Depending on weather conditions, you can check how much electricity is being generated.

Miniature Windmill Electric System / Exhibition location:Outdoor exhibition

small_wind_power_generationIn front of the museum is a savonius wind turbine and a propeller windmill. Both are hybrids with solar panels and revolve smoothly.

Hand-Powered Information Board / Exhibition location:Outdoor exhibition

guidePaneru_damTurn the hand generator crank to hear the audio guidance of the museum and Kawaguchi Dam.

Biomass Rocket Stove / Exhibition location:

Biomass Rocket Stove is exhibited at the entrance. You can learn the mechanism of the rocket stove.