Kawaguchi Dam Natural Energy Museum(Kawaguchi Ene-Myu)

Must See!

Explore the exhibition of futuristic objects like digital art, robots and more!
Virtual Reality Site seeing / Exhibition location:

Let’s see impressive images of Kawaguchi Dam and the inside of the power plant, which cannot be seen in ordinary tours.

Other Power Generators / Exhibition location:

There are various experimental devices, such as a hand generator and a large solar panel, also bicycle pedals and a power generation floor which can generates electricity by our motion.

Biomass Rocket Stove / Exhibition location:

Biomass Rocket Stove is exhibited at the entrance. You can learn the mechanism of the rocket stove.

Kawaguchi Ene-Myu Forest / Exhibition location:

Kawaguchi Ene-Myu Forest is located adjacent to Aiai-land. You can enjoy it at events such as thinning experience, forest walk, and woodworking workshop.